A new beginning

Earth Basics is a social enterprise incubated by Mumbai Sustainability Centre to work with about 100 farmers in Hingoli district, Marathwada region to provide better inputs and income to the farmers while ensuring healthier soil and more sustainable crops.

30-year-old Prem Chavan is focal to our efforts. A few months back he was employed with a civil contractor closed to Mumbai and helping with the development of a dry waste centre, being developed by Mumbai Sustainability Centre.

During the lockdown, he lost his job and the thought emerged to make him self-reliant by supporting him to set up a dal processing unit in his native village of Borkhedi. Its been a challenging journey so far and we hope it will be rewarding inevitably.

With our support, Prem has now set up a dal polishing mill and about 100 farmers can sell their produce to him for a higher price, the raw material can then be polished by him and sold in our buying network.

The challenge is that we have got delayed in setting up the entire chain and now only 10 more days of harvesting is left and there are no funds to procure from the farmers. If anybody would like to extend a friendly loan so that he can procure more then it will be appreciated.

If you would like to support this initiative please do place an order this week so Prem can go ahead and buy the required material.

This is very basic e-commerce set up and we will improve as we go ahead. You can place orders using the Pay now button.

Deliveries will take place by month-end or early February.

Photos from a visit at the end of November.